Saturday, February 10, 2007

Current Needs

The following are some of the needs of the highschool, clinic and baby home. Please contact me at before sending for directions and a mailing address.

Uganda Martyr's School

-Yoga mats
-Science lab supplies/equipment
-textbooks: math, biology, physics, chemistry, languages, English, history... (high school level)
-Sports Equipment
-Running shoes - for playing sports
-Solar power system
-Medical supplies for first aid room
-Sponsorship: It costs just under $225 per student including tuition/room/board/uniform
-Volunteers: teaching, health, building

Medical Clinic in Kiboga

-Medical books
-Birthing Supplies
-Vitamin Supplements
-Birthing Massage Oil
-Volunteer midwives, doulas

Amani Baby Cottage

-Infant to 4yrs clothes: socks, shoes, underwear, clothes, cloth diapers
-Baby Carriers: slings, backpack carriers
-medical supplies
-Someone to tackle the Canadian adoption system!

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