Friday, October 31, 2008

A Conscious Christmas

Many people have asked us where they can buy some of the beautiful jewellery made by our women's group! Below is just one event we'll be at in November. If you are interested in organizing your own event, send us an email

A Conscious Christmas at Heart Centre Yoga

A socially conscious craft fair with local products, natural gifts and jewellery from around the world! We currently have vendors selling herbal teas, essential oils, yoga-inspired bracelets and candles, paper jewellery made by women in Uganda and handmade cards.

Saturday Nov 22 2008
3978b Hastings St.
Burnaby BC

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goddess Yoga and Healing Circle Fundraiser!


A friend of ours is hosting a fabulous workshop throughout November with donations going to The Shanti Uganda Society! We'd love for you to come!

be well,



Goddess Yoga and Healing Circle
Noon Saturdays Nov 1 - November 29 (doors open at 11:30am)
"Chai Gallery" 3243 W. Broadway, Kitsilano - Vancouver
Drop- In, Free or by Donation - all donations go to

For girls, teens, women of all ages, pregnant & postnatal mothers

Yoga, dance, energy healing, breath work, deep relaxation, meditation, toning and affirmations. Open your body through practicing this series of rhythmic yoga stretches and experience the joy of movement, flexibility, and dance.

Our focus areas are the hips (womb) and the chest (heart). The exercises stimulate detoxification, rejuvenation, emotional healing, self esteem, strength and flexibility of the muscles, nerves, organs & glands of the pelvis, abdomen, back, chest, neck and length of the spine. This practice releases stress, tensions, toxins and deepens relaxation.

These movements are similar to the sacred dance of the goddess, the divine feminine, womanhood, moon-cycle, fertility, conception, motherhood & birth: blossom your hips, belly and heart. After the yoga, dance, deep relaxation, meditation/toning, we complete our class with affirmations and a talking circle, taking a moment to listen to and reflect on the stories of our community sisters, their challenges and successes.

Please send this email to all your lady (maids and crones) friends whom you think will be interested in experiencing this circle and learning more about the other classes by donation at Chai Gallery. All donations are given to charities.

With love,
Roxxanne Faye
"I choose love, I choose peace, I choose joy."
778. 846. 2229(BABY)
604. 879. 7891