Friday, January 2, 2009

Photos from 2008

Dear Friends,

Below is a photo presentation of some of our 2008 projects. Thank you to everyone who has made this past year such a success!

In January 2009 we are starting up a new income generating group with 30 HIV positive women in Kasana, Uganda. Each woman will receive a start up grant, training and will form their own group where they decide how their money should be spent. Each grant is $100 - if you would like to make a donation towards our goal of raising $3000, send us an email

We now have land in Kasana and are starting the planning stages of the birth centre which will be made with natural building materials. This community initiated project will provide a safe place for women to receive care and birth their babies in an empowering, home-like environment. It will also provide space to hold our training workshops with local midwives and TBAs and give the women in the income generating group a place to meet and work. If you are interested in gathering family or friends to fund one part of this project, let us know. Options include funding the herb garden, a chicken coop, individual birth rooms etc.

Interested in hosting your own Shanti Uganda craft party? Our new shipment of jewellery will arrive the first week of march. Book now to host your own Spring event at home or work and we'll bring everything you need. Not only will it support the women in our income generating group, but it makes a great gift!

Be well,


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