Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Girl in the Purple Dress

Before training began, the women sat around talking, sharing stories, discussing their challenges, and taking attendance. In talking about the women who had been selected for our group and the other HIV positive women supported by Bishop Asili, one woman said to another, “There was a young girl who used to come to the clinic who was dying and I haven’t seen her for quite some time”. She went on to explain that the young girl had to be wheeled in on a wheelchair by her father because she was so weak, thin and near-death. “That was me!” Said the now glowing girl in the purple dress. (seen in the photo on the far right) In such a short period of time since receiving treatment at Bishop Asili, what was becoming the end of her life here, had become a new beginning. Becoming a member of our income-generating group is an opportunity for her to take on this new life journey and drastically change her path. As is turns out, she has become one of the best beaders and has taken on a leadership role helping the women who still need extra support with their bead rolling. She brings a whole new meaning to the word strength…

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