Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yoga Wear

In order to completely participate in the yoga classes, the girls need clothing to wear instead of the restrictive skirts that are worn to school. While this seems relatively small compared to the many problems they face in life, their ability to participate in the classes enables them to relax, breathe and build self-esteem!

Our problem was solved this time around – we were given a large donation of yoga clothing from Breathe Yoga Wear! The girls were all thrilled to receive a beautiful new outfit that wasn’t falling apart! Not only did this allow them to make their way into downward dog and other partner poses with ease, it also gave them the opportunity to dive, jump and lose all inhibition while playing soccer! By the end of our yoga classes this time around, the girls were creating their own poses, feeling empowered and most importantly taking time to breathe!

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